It can be said that financial statements are the most important financial statements for companies and business units. Today, many groups such as banks, financial and credit institutions, managers, suppliers, government agencies such as the Tax Administration use the financial statements of companies. It should be noted that financial statements are something that can be accompanied by an independent auditor. Preparing financial statements based on accounting standards and examples provided by the auditing organization can provide transparency and increase decision-making power for users, provide a good perspective to managers. accounting firm

Consolidated financial statements are a type of financial statements that are necessary for group companies, holdings and investment companies. Consolidated financial statements should be prepared according to the accounting standard and its own sample. Financial services And accounting

Preparation of financial statements in accounting

In this regard, it should be said that “the preparation of financial statements of an organization providing financial information, terms of assets and liabilities of an economic organization is summarized and classified.” The purpose of forming a profitability organization is financing and investment activities. Financial statements are defined as balance sheets, profit and loss statements, cash flow statements, comprehensive income statements in a period of time

preparation of financial statements