Providing appropriate legal solutions in the field of concluding contracts and agreements as well as providing advice in the field of personnel contracts is one of the legal consulting services of this institute.

Legal Consultancy

In this case, most people know that law graduates enter one of the professions of advocacy, judging or notary; But perhaps few people know that these people can also act as legal counsel. In the following, we will explain more about the duties of a legal advisor. Accounting company

Thus, the profession of legal consultants is very important due to the increase of modern lives and more administrative, commercial, etc. interactions between individuals and companies. Therefore, the presence of people who have sufficient knowledge in the field of legal issues and requirements is one of the important factors and is sometimes necessary for the survival of the organization. The presence of one or more experts or legal advisors who have complete mastery of the knowledge in this field makes it easy to solve various problems in the company, organization or among people in the community. Legal consulting

Who is a legal advisor and what are his / her duties?

Law graduates of all levels can work as legal advisors in private and public companies and organizations. These people can work in the following areas:

Contracts Affairs-Legal consulting

“In the case of contracts for which the company where the legal advisor is a party is a party, the legal advisor conducts the necessary checks and states important points. Also, sometimes this person is responsible for preparing draft contracts. Sometimes in some companies “Contracts can only be finalized with the approval and signing of legal advice Legal consulting

Legal consulting

“Legal advisers” greatly help managers and stakeholders of organizations to make more accurate decisions while paying attention to the criminal, legal, criminal and disciplinary responsibilities of their decisions, and also help them to resolve issues and problems in the face of organizational legal issues. Legal consulting

Thus, in this matter, “legal advisors” with full mastery of “laws and legal principles”, all legal affairs of the organization or company, including the preparation and regulation of bylaws and instructions, concluding internal and external contracts, reviewing and following up on legal cases and Administrative and employment lawsuits, attending court hearings and defending the rights of the organization, providing legal advice to employees if necessary, conducting legal affairs related to tenders, auctions, and so on. Legal consulting