Issuance of various insurance policies

Purchasing any type of insurance is very important from the point of view of the insurer and the insured, considering the risks, existing risks, financial obligations and other conditions. The view of the insurer is that firstly, he should buy a cheap insurance policy and secondly, by buying this cheap insurance policy, he can receive the maximum damage and even more. The insurer’s view is that the insurance policy should be issued correctly and legally, observing all the complete conditions. According to the views of the parties, the issuance of insurance is very important.

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In insurance, the argument is that when the damage occurs, the damage should be compensated in a desirable way. In fact, insurance is a contract between the insurer and the insured, so the issuance of insurance according to the views and conditions of the parties is something that requires expertise. .issue policy

What is third party insurance: Any financial and personal damage caused to third parties in traffic accidents is the responsibility of third party insurance. According to this law, the purchase of third party insurance is mandatory for all vehicles and not having third party insurance has very irreparable consequences for owners. Vehicles will be provided. Financial and accounting services

A brief description of the first, second and third person in this type of insurance contract

First person: the owner of the insurance policy and the owner of the car, which is called the insured person. Accounting company

Second party: Either the company or the representative of the third party insurance provider is called the insurer.

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Third party: or third parties are all those who have suffered loss of life or property in car-related accidents.

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Liability insurance: “Part of the public insurance system that is directly effective in regulating the social relations of people in the community, people knowing each other’s rights and responsibilities, and ensuring the professional security of jobs and activities.”

The need to buy liability insurance

By calling on the social role of self-activity, each person may cause personal or financial harm to others, as you know, the person is responsible for this damage and must compensate for the “damage”. Sometimes the loss may be Imported with third parties is very heavy and costly and sometimes even irreparable. issue policy

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