Some of these insurance services
At present, the best solution for “eliminating and reducing the costs of traffic accidents” is insurance; A service where your peace and security lies. Parsian Insurance Company, in order to create security and tranquility for car owners and compensate for losses caused by car accidents, offers a variety of car insurance policies, including body insurance, شخص third party insurance, driver accident insurance and excess third party insurance.

Liability insurance: “Liability insurance” countless accidents occur around us every day, and according to the law, anyone who causes “life and financial damage” to other people is responsible for compensating for that damage. If this happens and you find yourself in a situation where you are responsible for an accident, having a proper insurance policy can provide you with good and sufficient coverage. Parsian Insurance Company provides this possibility for you by providing various types of liability insurance.

Cargo insurance: Cargo insurance is one of the oldest types of insurance policies, according to which the insurance company is liable for the amount it receives from you, if during the transportation of goods from one place to another as a result of the risks of the insured, the goods are lost or In this regard, Parsian Insurance Company tries to provide security of your capital against possible and unpredictable risks by providing freight insurance. ”Insurance services

“Fire Insurance: Parsian Fire Insurance is a cover to compensate for damages to property and movable and immovable assets that are provided according to the needs of the customer and by compensating the losses, the insurer returns to the pre-accident condition financially.” financial and accounting

Energy insurance: “Parsian Energy Insurance”, protection of huge assets of oil industry, gas and petrochemical industry, in both areas of ongoing projects and units in operation, which are always exposed to process hazards and natural disasters due to their high vulnerability. It has a very high requirement that pays special attention to risk management and insurance as the most effective risk management solution.

Engineering insurance: “Financial and economic consequences of physical and unpredictable losses” to contracting projects, has always been one of the main concerns of employers and contractors. Parsian Insurance Company, as one of the most reputable insurance companies in the country is proud that While recognizing the needs and concerns of those involved, using its high financial strength, technical knowledge and experts, to provide you with appropriate coverage to transfer the financial risks threatening the construction, industrial and infrastructure projects.