Providing the necessary advice in the field of issuing appropriate insurance and with sufficient coverage, as well as reviewing the conditions for issuing insurance is one of the services of this department. Financial and accounting services.

Insurance consulting

Insurance is one of the most familiar words and has become a common issue. Sometimes we talk about the problems of insurance and sometimes we examine its advantages and in some cases we deal with it directly and we may put property or people under different insurances. One of the most interesting jobs that we will examine here. Insurance advice. Insurance consultants advise individuals and companies to inform about different types of insurance. Insurance consulting

In this memo, we do not intend to review insurance or its types, and we will specifically address the role and job of insurance consultant, because this job currently has a good job market and is exposed to different people, and the audience is interested in In particular, research what and how it is, or they may even seek advice for success in this job.

Who is insurance advice?

Thus, we must first evaluate our perception of an insurance consultant. Because there are many jobs with many commonalities in this field, such as insurance broker or insurance expert. An insurance consultant is more like an insurance broker than an insurance expert. But insurance broker is a much more general title. Insurance consulting

“The difference between an insurance expert and an insurance consultant can be summed up in two things. “Better sales and guidance from individuals and legal entities during insurance, but the insurance expert is usually effective after the insurance operation.”

And the difference between an insurance consultant and a broker is not in the type of service they provide or its goals. The insurance consultant only provides advice as a guide and a promotional item, while the broker sells the insurance directly.

Insurance Consultant Education

Does “insurance consulting” have to have a special education? The best answer is this; not necessarily. Currently, there are people who work in various fields such as chemistry in insurance brokerage and have no problem doing their job. So it’s more about people ‘s expertise than education.

The field of insurance management has been launched in our country and has created a ground for different people to study in this field, and fortunately, the courses offered here are also practical. To better enter the insurance labor market, it is better to study in this field from the beginning and create more chances to enter this job. Insurance consulting

Insurance consulting