Communication between different parts of the business unit, especially in industrial and contracting units and facilitating matters between them in order to increase efficiency and performance and achieve organizational goals is very important. On the other hand, the existence of efficient and appropriate software can be of great help. To the mentioned cases. Coordination between the two, ie appropriate software and in-company communications while helping managers and people in the organization leads to reduced costs. Accounting company

Establishment of financial and industrial systems

“We live in a world that has two main characteristics, limited resources and unlimited needs. It is this limitation in facilities and non-limitation in human needs and desires that has become more important than ever before. A complex and competitive world is the use of new management models that generalize creative thinking and a changeable attitude. “Financial and Accounting Services

And the workforce cannot be expected to work harder and faster. At present, it is necessary to improve the methods and modify the working methods. Establishing appropriate financial and industrial systems, which is based on accounting principles, is one of the most important necessary measures in any organization.

Design and implementation of financial systems and systems

This action is done in order to regulate the following: “Establishment of internal controls – Disciplinary controls – Protection and maintenance of assets and documents – Proper and timely registration of activities of the organization – Extraction of necessary reports required by management and Outside the organization. ”

“Establishment of financial and industrial systems” are prepared and implemented manually and mechanized and generally related to each other. The general scope of operations separately for manual and mechanized design is as follows.

Preparation and establishment of financial and industrial systems in management

Today, the design and implementation of new financial systems for any business enterprise is the basic and most vital management part of the field. Provide managers with financial decision-making.

Implement financial and industrial

Implement financial and industrial

Implement financial and industrial