The business offices or legal offices of the company should be registered and adjusted based on the transactions and activities of the company. The offices of various companies such as independent auditors, the Tax Administration, insurance auditors, and in some cases, forensic experts can be reviewed. In order to prevent misunderstandings by the mentioned groups, as well as correct and appropriate response by the legal offices regulatory company based on the existing facts and compliance with the relevant laws, regulating them as stated is one of the main duties of company managers.


Set up legal offices

One of the duties of taxpayers is to set up legal offices (newspaper and general) and submit it to the finance department of the company where it operates to be reviewed for processing the company’s tax return. There are requirements and tips for writing legal books that every accountant must make sure of its exact implementation before completing the accounting cycle. Financial and accounting services

How to organize legal offices

“Defines the legal form of a newspaper office as follows:” A newspaper office is a book in which legal or natural persons carry out all their financial and monetary operations, including sales, claims, endorsements, and any activity that creates or demands a religion, as well as Accounting operations to the date of occurrence and other operations that according to the principles of accounting and common practice of bookkeeping at the end of the financial period to prepare the profit and loss account and balance sheet are required to record the date of occurrence, without exception.


The following can lead to the rejection of legal offices:

It can be written that if the “books provided” are somehow removed from the seal or do not have one or more sheets. Failure to register one or more financial activities in the offices provided that it is achieved.

Record all or part of an activity in the margins. Record all or part of an activity between lines. Scraping, erasing and erasing the contents of offices for the purpose of misuse. Excessive white space on the pages and full-page whitewashing in the newspaper office and business office for abuse.bookkeeping

And the point that can be mentioned about this matter: if staying white is for recording the opening balance, it will not cause the rejection of setting up legal offices, and also staying white under the pages of the office, at the end of every day or every week or every month, provided that the documents have It is a row number and the remaining white part is closed with a line, it does not interfere with the credit of the office.

Thus, as mentioned above, if financial software is used, taxpayers can consolidate the events of one month into one document and record them in the newspaper office up to the next 15 months and transfer them to the general office. This aggregate document is called the “whole document”. An aggregate document is essentially a hypothetical document that aggregates information within several accounting documents for a specific period. Therefore, the entire document is not visible in the list of accounting documents of the company.